Respite Care Helps Relieve the Pressure of Being a Caregiver Superhero

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by Wendy Sutton

family caregiverThe role of family caregiver is a special one, but it also often comes with a stigma that the caregiver is a saint or a superhero of sorts. This stigma can put a huge amount of pressure on the caregiver, adding to the stress he or she already faces from daily caregiving. Family caregivers frequently find themselves overwhelmed by trying to balance caring for a loved one with their own personal lives as well, and when not everything goes perfectly, it can feel devastating. The trick to getting life back on track? Let go of the superhero role.

These articles from the Huffington Post and AARP offer some great advice and hope for family caregivers who feel like they’re stretched too thin.

Today, most family caregivers have to balance their caregiving responsibilities along with work, children, and other personal relationships, and this balancing act can become tiresome after a while. It’s important for family caregivers to remember that asking for help is not only OK, it is essential in order to avoid caregiver burnout. Respite care from a professional home care agency, like LightHouse Healthcare, can help caregivers find a balance and take a break from the responsibilities of caregiving, while ensuring that their loved ones are in trusted and capable hands. Contact LightHouse Healthcare in the Fairfax area for more information about our respite care services for family caregivers.


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