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Physician PortalLightHouse Healthcare recently introduced a secure  web-based Physician Portal to provide physicians with 24/7 access to home health patient information.

We all know the tremendous benefit of good communication and care coordination as it relates to patient care, safety, and efficiency.  Clinicians need to connect and communicate with the right person, at the right time, about the right patient, to get the best results for our patients.

In early 2012, we refreshed our technology in a big way and implemented a fully integrated software which included a Point of Care application for all of our caregivers. This allowed us to share information in real time, facilitate case communication and case coordination activities, and improve client documentation for accuracy and efficiency. We also hoped it would increase satisfaction for our caregivers and our patients.

Presently, LightHouse has a fully electronic medical record. And now we have  launched an electronic medical record option specifically for the physician, called the Physician Portal. This portal gives the physician  access to collaborate on patient care, view and sign home health orders, review medication lists, and access the patient’s home health record anytime, 24/7.

If you would like more information on the Physician Portal at LightHouse, please contact

Sherry Palmucci





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