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Home healthcare comes in many forms. At LigthHouse we specialize in geriatric care, which means all our programs and services are designed to meet the needs or our geriatric community and their families. Our geriatric programs are designed to enhance the lives of older Northern Virginians and their desire to remain in their own home safely and happily for as long as possible. We build relationships for life.

It's a privilege to be invited in.

It’s a privilege to be invited in.


We offer a full range of home healthcare services in Prince William County and Fairfax County.

Home Healthcare Services (Medicare Certified)

Private Duty and Personal Care Services

Wellness Programs for Seniors

NEW:  Download our free e-book called “A Primer in Home Care,” now available on our website. We hope to be that beacon of light when it comes to answering your questions about home healthcare,  the benefits of home care and all the options you have. 


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