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LightHouse and MyKinergy for great care and collaboration across the miles

LightHouse and MyKinergy for great care and collaboration across the miles

When your Mom or Dad doesn’t live close by…

Unique to home health, LightHouse can provide you and your family with an online collaborative forum that promotes the sharing of information regarding your loved one’s care.  Powered by a dynamic and secure application, MyKinergy, helps you get connected, stay organized, and communicate efficiently and effectively with professional caregivers.

“We are impressed with the potential of MyKinergy and what it can do for our patients and their families.  There is nothing else like it on the market,” stated LightHouse’s CEO, Melissa Collins.  “We know that effective communication and collaboration make great patient outcomes, and we know that patients need a Personal Health Record to coordinate care across the miles,  and across settings.  MyKinergy is the bright spot in what’s ahead for this level of collaboration in healthcare, and LightHouse can bring it to you now.”


Like most brilliant inventions, My Kinergy was created out of necessity, by a  female former-AOL executive whose aging mother lived 450 miles away.  Gail Embt, CEO of MyKinergy, Virginia, understood too well the daily worry and anxiety that came with staying involved and informed on the care of her mother.

MyKinergy sought advice and direction from some of the industry’s best researchers and trailblazers, including Dr. Eric Coleman, of the University of Colorado.   We are pleased to partner with My Kinergy to offer you a new level of convenience for coordinating and communicating the care of your loved one.  How did my mom sleep last night?  What was her BP this morning?  What did the cardiologist say at yesterday’s appointment?  Have any new medications been ordered?  How is her mood, appetite? Where is mom’s living will?  Simply invite those family and professionals involved in caring for your loved one to join the MyKinergy Care team to share information, ask questions and get on the same page.


It’s the perfect place to store all of your health information,

and its not expensive.


The LightHouse team works hard to deliver top quality care and peace of mind. With MyKinergy, you remain conveniently connected not only with us, but to your family and your other trusted healthcare professionals. In times of change, that close connection can save time, improve outcomes and reduce family stress.


The LightHouse-MyKinergy Combination



 MyKinergy service provides an affordable solution to maximizing the value of your partnership with LightHouse.

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