Why Should Physicians Choose LightHouse?

Because we make our physicians shine.


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At LightHouse, the physician is always at the helm. We create partnerships with our physicians. Our story is about our relentless pursuit of value in terms of clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, the relationships we build, and the health of our community. We want to be the home care agency you can trust to take care of the patients in your practice, because we care about your patients as much as you do. And we can be your eyes and ears in the home environment in-between visits to your office.

We are the WatchRoom for physicians

We are the WatchRoom for physicians

Other things we will do for you:

1)    We’ll complete a medication reconciliation from all treating physicians for your records.

2)    We’ll complete a summary of recent hospitalizations and facility stays to keep you apprised.

3)    We will schedule and encourage a follow-up appointment with you within 14 days of hospital discharge.

4)    We’ll provide you with 24-7 online access to your home care patient’s information.

5)    We have specially trained wound care nurses to make recommendations on your patient’s toughest wounds.

6)    We have a specially trained and credentialed cadre of psychiatric nurses to help with your patients with underlying emotional and behavioral issues.

7)    We have our own speech pathologists who will treat your CVA patients rehabilitating at home, and help patients and families improve speech and swallowing functions.

8)    We keep the paperwork to a minimum and work with your office culture to maintain the the flow of information and recordkeeping that works best for you and your practice.

9)    We’re open on Saturdays and on–call 24-7 if you need us.

10)  We are here for you. Add  LightHouse Healthcare to your Contacts List on your phone now: 703-550-1400. Ask for Peggy or Dee and we’ll get things started. Call us during your travels, on your way home from doing rounds at the hospital, or after a difficult call with a patient’s family on the weekend.

11)  We have an on-line F2F form to make things easy.

We’ll take care of everything. That’s what we do.





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