Infection Control Policies

Step 1:  Read all Infection Control Documents by clicking on each icon below. 


Exposure Control/Infection Control Plan

Exposure Control / Infection Control Plan

Appendix A – Standard Precautions

Appendix B – Hand Hygiene

Appendix C – Bag Technique

Appendix D – Sharps Safety

Guidelines for Persons with Infectious Diseases

Guidelines with Persons with Infectious Diseases


Surveillance, Prevention, and Infection Control

Surveillance, Prevention, and Infection Control

Appendix A – Risk-Based Assessment / Planning


Information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:




Step 2:  Complete course #1100068, “Infection Control in Home Care and Hospice – 2016”, through Lighthouse University by clicking the icon below.

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I have read and understand the Infection Control Policies set forth by my employer, LightHouse Healthcare, and agree to comply with each policy. I have also completed the current year learning module in Lighthouse University.  I understand the definition <<<<<of Protected Health Information: paper, electronic, and verbal. I agree to follow the Company’s policies to keep “PHI” secure and private, and to inform patients of their rights and support those rights. I agree to limit access of patient information to business associates outside the Company.>>>>>

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