Caregivers Survey Guide: The FINAL Countdown



red lighthouseOur 3 year survey cycle is coming to a close and we expect the state surveyor to appear in our parking lot any day now, and enter the building and stay for 5 or 6 days.  The Survey Team has been meeting every Wednesday for the last several months to help us prepare, and has created a 30-day countdown guide for caregivers.  While none of these things are new, they will give you an idea of what to expect should the surveyor select your record to review or select one of your clients to visit.  


Please review the survey prep tips below, take any action steps, and sign below to acknowledge your understanding and commitment of personal readiness!  Completed acknowledgements  go directly to Payroll where we will compensate you for your valuable time.





Do you wear your ID badge?  Click here if you need to order one.


Do you have a signed Consent Form for each of your clients?  Click here if you need a blank one.


Do you know who is on your case?


Do you know who is on your case and have you talked to them?


Have you supervised the home health aide Q14days?


Have you followed the Plan of Care?


Have you updated and reviewed your medication profiles regularly? 


If you are the admitting therapist, and there is no nurse on the case, do you know how the medications and potential interactions are reviewed by the supervising nurse after the SOC?  (Oh she always asks some lucky therapist this question!) 


Have you read ALL of the Survey Blasts from Peggy entitled “Small is Huge”?  Click here to find them all in one place. 


Have you maintained (and documented) effective liaison with all treatment team members?        



Check-List-Poor-to-AwesomePlease check-off the areas below indicating your personal survey readiness and commitment toward a successful survey! 


  • Enter your signature using your stylus, mouse or finger. Click the "submit" button and your acknowledgement will be sent to us and noted in your paycheck and personnel file. Thank you.

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