Ice Cream…You Scream…

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Stay cool out there LightHouse caregivers!

Stay cool out there LightHouse caregivers. Stop in for an ice cream!

We all SHINE! 

Get your Klondike Heath Bar Here!

Get your Klondike Reese’s Bar Here!

Get your Ice Cream Sandwich or Fruit Bar Here!!

We would love to treat you to an ice cream and a bottle of cold water the next time you stop by the office.


And then you can pay it forward by taking a water and hydration flyer to your  patients to remind them to stay cool and keep hydrated!*  

Appreciatively yours,

Your LightHouse Keeper


*Bottled waters are in the beverage cooler in the conference room and the hydration flyers are on the front desk.


**Offer good through dog days of summer. 


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